fraAngelico is equipped with full MIDI support which means you can connect any midi controller or sequencer.
The 15 sounds of possible combinations of the button presses are spread in the lowest midi octave.
The last sound you play will be spread on all the other octaves of your keyboard so you can play some nice melodies.
When used with sequencer you can also change the sound by sending program change MIDI message.
You can also change the input channel from 1-4 by restarting and holding down one of the main buttons for 4 seconds
MIDI input connector!
MIDI Through is available via special connector!

All sounds are recorded directly from source.
Korg Nanokey is interfaced through Ableton Live on laptop and MIDI is sent out by USB to MIDI cable.

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fraAngelico features:
-size: 11 x 7 x 4 cm
-MIDI input (MIDI Through by special cable)
-5 knobs
-3 switch menu buttons
-4 big performance buttons
-1 volume knob
-grain synthesis
-true digital LFO
-8 presets (4 user, 4 factory)
-input voltage: 9V
-Jack 3.5 output

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