'Never Hold Us Back' is the second single for Major Look, an MC and Producer duo signed to London Recordings.

The theme of the video was inspired by the track and it's heavy drop which conjured up images of a takeover, in this case the constant invasion of 'evil worms' in a cartoon version of London.

We wanted to keep our tongue slightly in cheek, as we have done with other promos for Major Look and so took our references from old Monster B-Movies.

Baby was inspired by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and there is a homage to him in certain shots we used.

The idea of 'Never hold us back' was to take that slogan and get bigger and bigger. Swarms were met with a giant baby who in turn meets his match...

Directed by Will Thorne and James Harford
Illustrations and animated by James Harford
Additional Illustrations by Josh Lowe

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