During a recent trip to East Timor, volunteering at the Dominican Orphanage in Dili, Creative Producer Carli Leimbach, was asked to tell the children stories. It was what they loved the most. ‘Stories from the Mouth’ was designed from this experience and in wanting to support children to create and share their own stories, made up from their own imagination.

Taking part in the program children aged 6-12 years learn how to write and record short stories with selected stories produced professionally by East Side Radio and podcast here on the Little and LOUD website.

Little and LOUD International Inc has endorsed ‘Stories from the Mouth’ as a key project this year. ‘Stories from the Mouth’ has been working with Montessori East in Bondi with the goal to expand this project nationally and internationally. Thank you to all the children who took part.

If interested in contributing to ‘Stories from the Mouth,’ please contact Carli Leimbach at carlileimbach@gmail.com. Inspired educators, writers, illustrators, designers, web experts, and filmmakers would be very welcomed and appreciated!

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