"An Agreeable Sound " is a video series I am working on. The concept is how some "good" and some"bad" music from the 1980's can make people from my generation feel. A certain song can make you think of the seventh grade dance or even just driving around in the old family car with your dad. The 80's were a big chunk of our childhood and every once in a while it is nice to go back to that place.
This shoot was very intense. I had tons of stuff to shoot at a lot of different locations and with a bunch of cameos. Somehow we made it work. This shoot much like the others was filled with plenty of laughing and a lot of me asking " Is anybody else hungry?"
One thing I need to say that I have the greatest friends in the world. Without them I could not make any of this happen and to be honest I wouldn't even want to try. My amazingly cool friends are what make this series so much fun to make. There are a lot of people that deserve credit that helped make this episode happen.

AMY- She was so much fun to work with for her episode .We have been discussing this for months and kept shooting ideas back and forth. I gave Amy my concept for it and she brought some killer ideas and input to the table and made this the best it could be. She is an incredible artist and has an extensive background in photography so I love having her there to give me feedback on the footage as we go. Also her performance was top notch but you already know that.

STEEVO- Although Steevo was not in this episode he is always great to have around and he was a huge help. I had him tied up in this for almost the entire day and needed him for sure. He was an awesome driver for all of the bike shots and he is always one to crack everybody up with comments that only Steevo could make.

BEANO- We go way back together in the art of wasting lots of time in our attempts to be creative.That is a joke and the truth. Beano is an amazing artist and I am always bouncing ideas off of him in all of my creative works and he was so awesome to have along for the shoot. His mind is a great one to pick when trying to solve a problem. He is actually working on a " Behind the Scenes" short about the making of this series. I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

NATE- What can I say about Nate? He always finds himself in the middle of my stupid ideas and he is always up for it. He is the very realistic business man who Amy knocks in the river. Nate is more than that to this series though. He is probablty the one person who listens to me ramble and obsess over my stupid ideas more than anyone else. He will always have an opinion , even on the smallest detail that I am trying to put together and I appreciate that so much.

MR. GARBARK - Anybody who knows Amy's dad knows that he is one of the funniest dudes on the planet. He is the one who had the coffee run in with Amy. He is always fun to hang with and we had a great time knocking out his scene in the south side. Also I have to give him a big thank you for letting us trash his beloved briefcase. It will live on forever now.

AMY and RYAN - I needed a romantic couple to have a picnic in the park and they were up for the challenge as soon as I asked. We didn't have much time to shoot that scene but we were able to wrap it up quick and I think it turned out pretty funny.

AIDEN and BRETT- I asked Brett if we could borrow one of his children to have Amy ruin their day and Brett was very into the idea. Aiden was the super cute kid who had the lemonade stand. He did such a good job and we even had him make the sign which I loved.

Last but not least... Pittsburgh's own RICK SEBAK- When I sent Rick a message asking if he might be into making a cameo in an episode I wasn't sure what he would say. I was so pumped when he told me that he loved the series and would be honored to be in one . How cool is that ? I am a big fan of Rick's work and have been watching it for years so it is very cool to me to have him in my series. He is seriously one of the nicest guys I have ever met and he was a blast to work with . If you do not know Rick's work I suggest you go and buy some -

Music by - Cyndi Lauper - Buy her music here - cyndilauper.com/

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