Keep Your Guard Up
The Dispn series
Interactive image on the Web and in installation, 2000
Samuel Bianchini
Programming: Christophe Salaün (web) and Oussama Mubarak (installation)

In Keep Your Guard Up, two boxers fight through interposed images. Placed side by side, the same background—a still image of the ring—is repeated twice. A boxer appears in each image. One boxer surreptitiously moves as soon as the viewer rolls over the other with the movement of the mouse. The cursor on the right side of the screen stirs an action from the boxer on the left, then vice versa. Once understood, this mechanism remains nonetheless annoying: putting one’s movement and sight out of phase, it is not ergonomic. Right, left, is going faster perhaps a solution ? Each waits his turn to be in action, including the viewer. A three-party combat emerges. The opening directive, “keep your guard up,” given to one boxer, then the other, is gradually turned around: it is equally directed at a “third person,” the viewer. Prompted by the desire to bring together the two protagonists in space and time, and to synchronize them, the viewer is caught in a situation that conditions his movements.

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