High school sweethearts get separated by college. They maintain a long distance relationship through Expedia.

Music: AJ Rafael
Writer, Producer, Director: Jimmy Zhang
Director of Photography: Seung Kuk Kim
Editor: Seung Kuk Kim, Seoyoung Kil, Young Ho Kim
Music Editor: Arthur Johnson
Main Actors: Colin Cole as John and Jessica Valentine as Mary
Gaffer: Sawyer Purman
Make-up and Hair: Kimberly Clay of Glamour Eyes)
Line Producer: Andy Akada
Set Designer: Seoyoung Kil
Best Boy: Austin Williams
UW Locations Managers: David Rey, Harry Hayward
Seattle Parks and Beaches: Chris Swenson

Extras: Scott Hampson, Megan Farve, Kayla Stapleton, Sawyer Purman, Anthony Shelley, Austin Williams, Michelle Thielen, Lewis Guterson, Marianne Lee, Conal Heutter, Kimberly Clay, Marion Desmazières, Jay Feng, Nathan Vegdahl, Josephine Pean, Akoni Lagua, Matthew Lord, Tiffany Richardson, and PJ (Baby)

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