This is a song we wrote about bookshops, for Independent Booksellers' Week (30th June - 7th July 2012), a national celebration of independent bookshops, with hundreds of events taking place all over the country. A very good time to visit your local bookshop and see what lovely events they may have organised.

For the last three weeks we've been playing in all sorts of wonderful bookshops, all very different, all fascinating and friendly places and people.

Come see us on October 2nd at The Wiltshire Music Centre.

There’s a story waiting inside
Behind the door, as it opens wide
And I wander in, hoping to find

As they tell the stories we know
And those we don’t are waiting to be held,
And taken home

There’s a strange man inside
Who knows what I like
He’ll rush with tea to my side
And a stack of books piled high
If I’m lucky enough there will be lots of stuff
That makes me smile inside

A shop with books in….

Shelves stacked high
Fills my eyes
Cant describe
Who knows what you’ll find

A lovely lady guides me through
I smell the pages, excitement grew
How glad am I to be In company, of such
Purveyors of quality
Her knowledge is vast, Her hand reaches out
And pulls the spine of a beautifully bound
Book of delights, Picked especially for me
(ooooh, I’m so happy)

A shop with books in….

A huge thank you to IBW for supporting our tour, and also to Vintage Books for the same reason.

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