One user on odForce asked this question. Is there a way to get all primitives that uses specified by user point ?

There is no simple, one line, ready solution for this right now. You have to scratch your own code to accomplish this task. So I made example code in Python, but the speed wasn't that great with bigger geometry. This was good opportunity to test InlineCPP route, that can be used to speed-up task in situations like this.

InlineCPP uses C++ that you can puth insie your Python code to access HDK functions directly. Thanks to this it is much faster than clear Python.

So, after small brake, I rewrited my code to InlinceCpp and then I started testing. In this movie you can see result of those tests.

I made simple Grid. Than I Subdivided it two times and then triangulated. I started with 5 grid divisions on each axis (that's 512 polygons/289 points). Than I gradually changed it by 5 till I hit 30 divisions (that's 26,912 polygons/13,689 points). Difference in speed and scaling of InlineCPP version quickly showed its superiority.

Here you can see results of test on image:

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