Inspired by the ubiquitous cassettes of old, Mixtape revives the art of music sharing. By making it easy to craft and share special mixes for the people that matter most, music takes on meaning an endless playlist never could. With two sides and limited space, Mixtape mixes take thought and purpose.

The Mixtape iPhone app is the fastest way to discover, create, and share music with your friends. Users can create a mix, tag the people it's made for via their Facebook or Twitter, and send a personalized message. Share new finds or old favorites, send birthday wishes or a genuine apology, all with the tracks of your choosing and that speak to your mood.

Here are just some of the things you can do with Mixtape:
- Quickly browse, create and share a mix through the Mixtape iPhone app
- Personalize your mixes for specific people by tagging friends through Facebook and twitter
- Discover new music through community-shared and event-specific mixes
- Follow, comment and favorite mixes crafted by other Mixtape users
- Purchase playlist via iTunes or add mixes to your rdio playlist

Mixtape is being submitted to the HackLolla competition which is a contest for us app developers to build the best app for attendees of Lollapalooza. We feel like Mixtape fits that bill. Be sure to vote for us here:

Music by Sascha Lazor
Full music rights for use in this video were granted

Disclaimer: This app was not developed by and has not been endorsed by the producers of Lollapalooza Music Festival.

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