Come 4 July, Wednesday, audio-visual collective, Syndicate, will hold its first music & visuals exhibition presenting the works of Strangeloop and Daisuke Tanabe at the Pigeonhole. Curated by the collectiveʼs first lady & Heineken Sound Council member, Cherry Chan, the two invited artists will not only be unleashing their sounds, but they will also unveil visual works in various media at the cozy independent café.

Date: 4 July 2012, Wednesday
Time: 9PM till late
Venue: The Pigeonhole - 52/53 Duxton Road, Singapore 089516
Admission: Free Entry
[Artwork will be on display at the Pigeonhole for a month from event date]

Born to a family of acclaimed filmmakers, Strangeloop is the visual wizard behind Flying Lotusʼ imprint, Brainfeeder. As a visual artist, he has accompanied a long list of big acts which includes Erykah Badu, Skrillex, Kode9 and Amon Tobin. The past year he has been jet setting worldwide with some of these acts providing visuals for their world tours and stopping by at almost all major festivals. At the Pigeonhole, Strangeloop will showcase the visual content he has produced for Erykah Badu & Flying Lotus. Other than the feast for the eyes, he is set to feed the ears as well with sounds that echo his visual aesthetics. As mentioned once by music tastemaker Mary Anne Hobbs, Strangeloop is “seriously involved in pioneering the next step in the evolution of performance, fusing sonics, narrative & visuals into an overwhelming hyper-sensory experience”.

Meanwhile, Daisuke Tanabe is more known for his music and has been getting attention from various music tastemakers and labels. With his name established, Daisuke has been featured on releases by labels such as Ninja Tune, BBE and Gilles Petersonʼs Brownswood Recordings. Taking inspiration from jazz, folk and reggae, as well as the whole canon of electronic music, this member of Tony Nwachukwu CD-R community knows that notes and melodies are just guideline for the feelings that lie beneath. The lesser-known fact about Daisuke is that he delves into visual craftworks as well. When he is not sculpting out sonic sculptures, Daisuke keeps his hands busy with drawings and stencil printing which he will sometimes use for the artwork of his self-released CDs.

A selection of these artworks will be on display at the Pigeonhole. Supporting Strangeloop and Daisuke musically for the night will be Syndicate residents Kiat and Cherry Chan. And if you think Strangeloop is not doing enough, he will be joining Syndicateʼs visualist, Brandon Tay, on the controls for the live visuals.

See you at the Pigeonhole.

Track Credit : Daisuke Tanabe / Heron
Photography / Video Edit : Afiq Omar
Illustration & Design : Kiat
Produced by : Elias Soh & Cherry Chan

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