Detroit is a city with a rich artistic history. Hundreds of famed singers, songwriters, painters and photographers hail from the ‘Motor City’ and cite it as an inspiration for their work. For Detroit-based nonprofit, Detroit Harmonie the ever-growing arts community plays an important role in furthering its overarching mission to “break down the racial barriers in the city of Detroit and create a naturally diverse environment that attracts the next generation.” So, when Detroit graffiti artist Kobie Solomon asked for help, we answered.

More than two years ago, Kobie began painting his 8,750-square-foot mural on the westward-facing wall of the Russell Industrial Complex’s building #2. The Chimera, as it’s called, is a complex portrait of the city and its history. Unfortunately, a lack of resources has prevented its completion and now, with your help and that of Detroit Harmonie, Kobie will finally finish his masterpiece.

Kobie describes the Chimera as a illustration of the city itself “its location, the people, the industry, its power, its pain, its strengths and weaknesses, and the future as well as its past.” He says of the piece, “I wanted to paint something that could be understood simply by all, but would have much deeper meanings for those who cared to look at it more closely with a discerning and contemplative eye. I wanted to make something that actually stood for something instead of just some nifty image to pretty up the wall; and I wanted execute the piece in a way that would not just inspire, but would actually help destroy the walls and preconceptions about an art form that has helped change my life for the better in ways I could have never hoped: graffiti.”

The Chimera, the largest mural in the state of Michigan, has already been featured in nationally syndicated advertisements and on major networks such as The Discovery Channel. It already inspires passersby on Interstate 75 on a daily basis. It already serves as a testament to the city’s history and its future and it isn’t even complete. Imagine what it will be when Kobie has the opportunity to return to the wall.

In order for that to happen, however, it takes resources. Your contribution will help fund equipment rentals and supplies needed to fully realize the Chimera. And, for every dollar you donate, Detroit Harmonie will match your contribution up to $3,500. Donate today and help bring the Chimera to life!

To donate, visit:

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