Get your 3D anaglyph glasses out and check out this exploration of 3D type in stereo. Fullscreen the video and step back about six feet for maximum stereoscopic effect. I built this typeface to investigate and demonstrate the properties of stereoscopic workflow for part of my talk at the HOWdesign conference. I used Maxon's Cinema 4D and Adobe's After Effects and used the stereoscopic camera tools in both of those applications. I also used a couple of plugins (Eyedesyn's TextEdgeFX & GreyScaleGorrila's Transform) to build my animations. I tried to design to two different constraints: making all of my glyphs to a 16x9 grid, and to take advantage of the "horizon line edge exception" rule of stereoscopic outlined in my talk.

The source files for this project are available for free download at

The friendly people at American Paper Optics provided glasses for my talk. If you'd like a free pair to view "Stereotype" go to:

The mono version is viewable at

The sound design for this piece is by the incredible Edison:

Thanks so much!


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