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This is a parody combination of Destinos (a Spanish soap opera), the Adventures of Pepino and Panzon (a Spanish book series), and the search for Bin Laden done for a Spanish class assignment. Because this is a really big parody, there are a lot of inside jokes. Here's some clarification about a few:

Destinos is a Spanish soap opera detailing the search of a lawyer Raquel for the missing wife and son of her employer Don Fernando.

Pepino and Panzon are the stereotypical idiot detectives who happen to solve mysteries accidentally by being in the right place at the wrong time. In their stories Pepino is the boss who womanizes and thinks he's more attractive than he really is, while Panzon is the fat sidekick who loves to eat. They're usually completely oblivious to what's going on.

The Wal-Mart gag came up because of the "Famous Historian" who actually has a big gripe against Wal-Mart and is actively boycotting it. She sometimes sacrifices class time in order to give speeches on her views against Wal-Mart...It's a really big thing for her...but she can joke around so we had fun and went with it.

Special thanks goes to the W.T.F.:Within The Fortress movie team for the ending theme.

Original Release: 9 May 2005

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