In this piece a liquidizing black surfaced form on red a background addresses the viewer in an imperative manner and talks to the viewer about How To Become A Famous Artist And Make A Lot Of Money (collaborative work with San-Francisco based art critic Alan Bamberger).
Each word coming out of the form triggers a reaction, a shift in shape, a blasting dispersion of its particles and then a collapse into itself. The speakers' English is rendered foreign sounding through phonetic transcription into a newly-invented language, depriving the viewer of full understanding of the told. Attentive or multiple listens will slowly turn this language understandable.
The thirteen and a half minutes long video runs in a loop and is cut by a short Intermission.

The incentive to investigate the world this piece depicts is rooted in evenings and days I spent among peers, gallersts and buyers, trying to understand not only the roles and the role playing in their interactions but also to decipher the codes of this hierarchy and the dynamics which are the result of differences in statuses, destinations and means of the involved parties.
Three sides mastering one language each, manage to successfully communicate and make business with each other. It became clear to me that there had to be an intermediator, a translator, a link who understands all languages and brings opposites together. A liaison. A person who understands the hardships of the artist and effortlessly caters to the wishes of the buyer. A player for both teams. A person who holds the encrypted secret to success. I am intrigued by this multi-layered subject, by this Overmind.

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