"I'm too tall, too short, too fat, too clumsy!" There are any number of reasons why we grow up thinking that we can't dance. We at Rhythm & Motion prove that none of those thoughts trump our truth that ANYONE CAN DANCE! Just watch what some of our students, teachers, and Consuelo Faust, Founder and Director of Rhythm & Motion have to say about the experience of finding yourself as a dancer at Rhythm & Motion.

No more excuses necessary–at Rhythm & Motion you are free to find more than a good workout; find joy, transcendence, community, and fun!

See you in class! rhythmandmotion.com/schedule.php

R&M would like to thank:
Aaron Belkin, Rhea St. Julien, Heather Bornfeld, Johanna Hirota, Michele Agid Brock, Susan Kobayashi, Natalie Terry, Giselle Chow, Maryann Fleming, Consuelo Faust, Ryan Smith, Wendy Rein, Eyla Moore, and all the students who participated in class filming.

This piece was created by Shortt and Epic Productions: shortandepic.com

Music: Bonobo, Nneka

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