Directed by Nadia Hallgren
Produced by Jamie-James Medina
Edited by Yusuf Pirhasan

Soweto is South Africa's largest ghetto, a sprawling stretch of townships on the outskirts of Johannesburg. With an estimated population of one million, this former centre of the anti-apartheid struggle faces chronic problems of poverty and overcrowding, and remains a notoriously dangerous place to live.

It is here where you’ll find Train-Surfing, the semi-suicidal act of climbing outside, on top and under the city’s public trains while in full-flight. Born in the early Nineties out of a restless desire to embrace life (and death) after years of oppression, Train-Surfing has evolved into something of an underground sport, not unlike skateboarding in the 1970’s.

‘Sanza Hanza’ follows V.I.R.U.S. (Very Intelligent Riders Usually Survive), a gang of young Surfers searching for the ultimate ride or ‘play’, as they call it, testing their already weak embrace on mortality.

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