A reel comprised of the various animated footage used in the show. This is best imagined as something of a planetarium experience where the moving image wraps completely around you. Always hard to edit these reels of projection designs as all the moving scenes are contextualised by a live scene on stage. The odd aspect is there to cram in as much detail as possible from a 360 degree image of original size 7680 x 960. Featuring stop-motion, 2d and CGI animation.

Music composed by Adam Cork, used by kind permission

Animation Designer/Director: Chris Randall
Stop Motion Assistant Director: Ian Whittle
Stop-motion Animation and Models: Adam Watts, Tristan Pritchard, Lauren Newman, Becky Smout, Ben Whitehouse, Nick Locquens, Drew Roper
Assistant Animators & Modelmakers: Joanne Goodchild, Natasha Williams, Abigail Walters, Orla McElroy, Sophie Huckfield, Charlotte Duckworth
Modelmakers: Emily Woodall, Carina Stuart, Leigh Townsend, Amy Jennings, Jon Kiefert
Lead Modelmakers: Paul Doran, Karen Richards
Moulding and Casting: Adam Watts, Karen Richards
Studio Assistants: Oli Weinfeld, Gary Jones, Joe Randall

Armature Engineering: Westley Wood
3D Scanning by Tom White, Steve Lane of Central Scanning

CGI Animation: Matthew ‘Mash’ O’Neill
2D lead: Natalie Bancroft

Miniature Photography: Luke Unsworth

Lead Compositor: Matthew Higginbottom
Post-Production: Adam Fenwick, Craig Reeves, Frazer Milton, David Birkill
Artworkers: Chris Warren, Matt Sandbrook

System Programmer: Alex Cox
System Designer/Engineer: Alan Cox
Show Equipment Supplier: Alan MacDonald, Media Powerhouse


Chris Randall/Second Home Studios:

Footage from the show:

Produced by Three Sixty:

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