“10 THINGS TO DO (IN AFRICA)” is a Documentary style program that showcases the lifestyle, food and culture of a country through the eyes of a tourist , who is given specific tasks to accomplish during his/her visit. In this case we have chosen a well-known UK RnB/ SOUL artist to be our tourist and Nigeria to be the first destination. This concept will be replicated across all the countries our tourists visit.

How the program works

As the tourist negotiates his way around his destination, he will need to use various services or products. They could be your service or product that he chooses to use.
Each of the ’10 Things to do’ comprises a segment of the documentary and requires the tourist to use a service to complete the ‘task’. You could sponsor the segment featuring your service or the whole documentary.

At the end of his trip, the tourist answers the questions: ‘would you come back to this country?’, ‘would you recommend it to someone else?’ and, ‘would you like to visit another African country?’

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