Gather Wish EP available!


After first meeting at the University of Ottawa, Derek Connely and Martin Villeneuve began their collaborations in 2007. They graduated onto the streets of Ottawa's markets in 2008, actively busking and performing late night open mics. Their artistic aspirations grew swiftly as they welcomed bassist and like-minded friend, Matthew Normand, into their creative space. The three of them entertained the idea of assembling a band and initiated a search for a drummer. It wasn't until early 2009 that it proved fruitful, as they found current drummer, Kyle Woods. Originally performing under the name Life in 2D, the band has played on Ottawa's music scene since the summer of 2009.

In Fall 2011, the group underwent a major transformation as Matthew returned to his hometown, Sarnia, in order to further his studies. At that time, his friend and current bassist Troy Huizinga joined the band. An exciting new chapter has begun in 2012, as they changed their name to High Waters and released their debut EP entitled "Gather Wish". Weaving their ideas with their influences, they continue to push their musical boundaries and defy the limitations of static genres.

High Waters deliver an honest sound. Enriched by the subtle inclusion of folk-rock sensibilities, their music merges the zeal of indie rock with the effervescence of electronic textures. The band’s stark contrast between driving energy and hypnotic travelogue defines the dynamics of their music. Harmonious vocal arrangements and sombre melodies reflect their attraction to eerie encounters, the unlikely, and the unknown.

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