GeoSonix is a free open source graphical music sequencer. It's now available for Mac and Linux and Windows.

The latest beta version (free and open source) is available for download from Be sure to always choose to download the most recent version from the bitbucket site.

This example is a piano style solo recorded during testing. The music is created by a composite of six cursors rotating on six circles above an image. The blue, green and red channels of the image control the note number, velocity and duration of the notes produced by each cursor. Notes from four of the cursors are constrained to a minor scale by the harmony processor, with the other two cursors constrained to a minor 11th chord. The rhythm pattern produced by each cursor is defined as snap points on its curve, to which triggers are "snapped". The snap point patterns can be seen in the Inspector. The rhythms are further modified in real time by the green color channel which varies the note velocities.
Also shown in the demo is the effect of moving the circles to various locations on the image, changing the background colors, thus changing the notes produced, note velocities and note durations.
Some new features of GeoSonix are also seen:
- The message editor is now integrated into the inspector for instant message editing, and the editor has syntax highlighting.
- At approximately the 1minute 17 second point in the video is demonstrated the "object solo" feature. First all objects are deselected resulting in no sound. Then as each object is added to the selection sound is added to the composition. This feature is useful for the development of complex multipart scores and changing the mix in performance situations. It is enabled and disabled with the toolbar button that looks like two triggers with sound waves coming from them.
NOTE: You will occasionally hear the slightly tempo stumble when the curves are being dragged. This is because the recording was made with a "debug" version of the code which runs many times slower than a production version.

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