This book trailer for Ryan Holiday's new book "Trust Me I'm Lying", was animated entirely in Adobe After Effects using standard plugins.

My partner Chris Johnson acted as producer on the piece and worked out an incredible amount of creative freedom for me to bring the script alive.

The goal of the project was to create a propaganda style art reminiscent of the Upton Sinclair era, with a present day edge. Most of the piece relied on creative keyframing, but some required cell based animation to achieve various movements (mostly the monster).

Practical effects such as magic flashes, smoke, tv and film noise were used to enhance the overall feel of the piece. I created a lot of the art from scratch to match the book cover and monster art created by Erin Tyler.

Underpinning the entire piece is a spectacular voice over by Robert Bruce, and an epic soundtrack by Dreamsfall Music.

And yes... I did work in a little Atari Missile Command reference. :)

If you're interested in a video like this (for a book trailer or any other purpose), look us up at

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