Phora is about the production of self-produced wild wines to be enjoyed in the delicate form of vapour.
Carefully selected fruits, vegetables or flowers are fermented producing small quantities of precious aromatic liquids.
Vaporising the limited exquisite alcoholics allows a slow and deliberate experience. The tasteful vapour creates a large volume of aromas out of tiny amounts, that vanishes rapidly. The minimal is maximised into a full-bodied magnificent experience of pure pleasure and indulgence.
The movement of vapour in 'slow motion' rolls, folds and is gently manoeuvred by carefully designed implements, shared between the 'vapour connoisseurs' as it is indulgently breathed in and enjoyed.

Concept by: Felix Gieselmann | Julia Kaisinger | Miguel Martins | Katharina Unger
Shot and edited by: Hypnotic Panzerfaust
Model: Marlies Brenn
Music: Bondax - Just Us

Special thanks to Artillerie!

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