Nicaragua, June 2012:
Brian made a sturdy homemade mount for GoPro video cameras on our spearguns to film underwater.

Brian is in the white shirt and Rob has the blue flippers in the scenes.

We attracted nurse sharks almost everyday while fishing out on the corn islands. This one curious shark took the bait fish on the end of my hand held stinger and rather than just let the shark have a free lunch, it was fun to play a little tug of war with it until it bit through the stringer and swam off.
Totally unintended shark rodeo, and totally funny.

If you watch closely, when the shark first bites the bait fish, it tears it clean in half. For reference the bait fish was about 8 inches in length. So even though nurse sharks are pretty tame, this thing could easily take your hand for a snack.

And no hooks were in the fish, so no one has to worry that we hurt the shark in anyway.

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