Tuesday 26th June 2012 - SOAS, London
Speakers: Dr. Susanne Soederberg and Dr. Marcus Taylor
Over the past decade, international development agencies such as the United Nations to the World Bank have argued that the incorporation of the poor into the formal financial system is key to alleviating poverty and promoting economic development. Despite concerns over growing levels of indebtedness in many parts of the world, this narrative of 'financial inclusion' has become a rallying call for the proliferation of diverse financial instruments that increasingly connect the livelihoods of the urban and rural poor across the global South to the dynamics of global finance. Using case studies drawn from contemporary Mexico and India that look at urban housing finance and rural microcredit respectively, Susanne Soederberg and Marcus Taylor interrogate what is at stake in the discourse and practices of 'financial inclusion', who gains from these new forms of financing, and why are they being promoted so heavily in an era characterised by recurring debt crises.
via @refleaflet (Twitter)

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