A Slideluck Potshow London/DEVELOP Tube creative collaboration. From Claudia Mozzillo: Siren Land is a work inspired by my own life. It is a journey through desire and loss where the stories narrated continue outside the frames. Siren Land is somewhere between dream and reality, a metaphysical place where the distance from my homeland, Napoli, and my family is less painful. The Siren Land’s project is inspired by Kafka’s version that he used in his own translation of the myth of Ulysses, who escapes from the sirens. For Kafka, this episode is the perfect metaphor to explore the idea of love at a distance; a deeply evocative metaphor, through the lenses of the emotional distance.

Since birth we have an innate predisposition to look for the proximity of a reference figure to take care of our needs and which attributes value to our existence. The relationship with our lands and our mothers, act as a filter between ourselves and the others. At some stage of our life this process is interrupted by the need to create a distance, a gap that contributes to create our identity as individuals and pushes us towards the creation of new life. The aim of this work is an attempt to exorcise this distance, visually and emotionally, and sublimate it through the poetry of images.

"Now the sirens have a still more fatal weapon than their song, namely their silence. Someone might have escaped from their singing; but from their silence, certainly never" (F.Kafka).

Music: Nicolas Jaar "Balance her in between your eyes"


Claudia Mozzillo, “born and bred” in Naples and now living in London. She has a romatic vision of photography. After ten years working as an Art Director in advertising Claudia finally underwent what she defines as her “revolution”, specialising in Fine Art photography in London at LCC. She recently won the selection for the Leica Talent 24x36 and her work has been exhibited at London College Of Communication, London; Sid Lee Collective, Amsterdam; Rojo artspace, Milan and Fotografia Festival, Rome.

As part of a creative collaboration between Slideluck Potshow London and DEVELOP Tube, Erica McDonald has made a selection of the stories presented in London in the 2012 SLPS edition, to be spotlighted on DEVELOP Tube. The artists selected are: Alexander Sedelnikov, Cristina de Middel, Luca Sage, Melissa Cacciola, Paul S. Amundsen, Pierfrancesco Celada, Kirsty Mackay, Claudia Mozzillo, Alvaro Laiz.

Slideluck Potshow (SLPS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art. SLPS operates multimedia slideshows combined with potluck dinners in about fifty cities around the world. slideluckpotshow.com/

SLPS London on Facebook: facebook.com/SLIDELUCKPOTSHOWlondon and on Twitter: @SLPSlondon
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This album is part of the DEVELOP Tube Channel which can be found at vimeo.com/channels/developphoto. DEVELOP Tube is an educational resource which features interviews, profiles, lectures & films about photojournalism, fine art photography & documentary photography.

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