Series Synopsis:
Mall Temps is an original comedy series about a temporary staffing agency located in a shopping mall. When a store is down an employee, they call Mall Temps. The staff of total misfits have little interest in working, and more determination to follow their deranged dreams. Despite their manager’s best efforts, the Mall Temps persevere in pursuit of unhinged escapades in the mall.

Pilot Synopsis:
It’s just another day at Mall Temps, and the staffing requests are pouring in due to food poisoning from bad Kung Pow Chicken. Mall Temps Manager, Mondo (John Buseman), tries to wrangle his employees, but they’ve got other plans. Mazzella (Rob Gagnon) has an entrepreneurial dream to open his own Italian restaurant in the food court. Chad (Clint Harris) wants nothing more than to be accepted into the social circle of Spinner’s Gifts. Stan (Joe Silberstein) is still too old, confused, and high on robitussin to be of any help, and the rest of the temps are just as useless. The janitors need one temp on custodial duty, and Mondo is stranded to deal with the mall-mergency.

Writer/Producer - Christine Giordano
Co-Directors - The Amann Twins

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