the gegenschein
may 2012
jim campbell / tobias daemgen / moritz ellerich / achim kaemper
The audiovisual quartet “the gegenschein” unites experimental live-intermedia artists Tobias Daemgen & Moritz Ellerich with seasoned electroacoustic free-improvisers Achim Kämper & Jim Campbell in an immersive, full-room performance experience that affords every single eye & ear a privileged position. Born out of an equal love of light & the dust that catches & reflects it, the quartet has gone to great lengths to indulge their need to create new instruments of expression, often from the relics of past ages & the cast-off underperformers of consumer culture. With their repurposed & prepared cassette multitrackers (the unique Cassette Scratch Orchestra), their nofi Shredapters, their custom-built optoacoustic instruments such as the Haptonium and the Godzilloscope, or their complex sound sensitive lightobjects like the Laser-Octopus and the LED-Suitcase-Prawn, the gegenschein explore the artificial generation of tenuous counterworlds, somewhere in a shifting space between science & its speculative sister…

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