Magic of the Otherworld (feature-length fulldome show)

Let yourself be enchanted by the music of the Celtic harp and lead to an “Otherworld”. Compositions by Christine Högl connect us in a sensual way with the deep feelings of our nature. Thus, the music creates an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort, reaches the body and the soul and calms them for a journey inward. Arranged in aesthetic imagery it allows you to take a deep breath and find peace and is a treat for body, soul and spirit.


Celtic harp and composition
Christine Högl

Sound design
Bernhard Schmidt

Joachim Perschbacher

Eduard Thomas

With the voice of
Peter Kaempfe

Lead artist (3D and compositing)
Joachim Perschbacher

3D artists
Melanie Gruber
Wolf Rüßmann
Dmitri Steinbach

Jörg Brüggemann

Set production assistant
Marcel Jackwerth

Additional instruments
Heinz Grobmeier (Saxophon)
Helmut Kaiser (Percussion)

Technical support
Marko Herrmann
Markus Schack
Nils Warmann

Special thanks to
Prof. Dr. Udo Beer
Consul Götz Bormann
Dr. Martin Skaruppe
Berit Thomas
Christian Hempe
Mathias Kugler
Geert Oeser

Produced at the Mediendom of
Fachhochschule Kiel

In cooperation with

Supported by
Stiftungen der Förder Sparkasse
Kieler Planetarium e.V.
Landeshauptstadt Kiel

Mediendom 2012

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