As often as we get caught up on the "bad seeds" of the scene, there are many good people that simply love cars. Last year I met a car loving family man named Mike Davila when he rode out to California for the Annual Eibach meet with his friend Ray Briones. Mike's loyal wife supported his hobby enough to take the 14 hour ride from Texas with them all. Mike and his wife left a lasting impression on me. Mike and I kept in touch over the following year, talking about his build and daily life. During an online conversation Mike told me he was going to finish his car bring it to California for the 2012 Eibach Meet, I honestly wasn't too sure if I'd see him again because the car didn't seem like it would be done in time but to my surprise the guy pulled through and made it to California to visit and attend the meet.

This video is the result of a lot of hard work, dedication, love and support for a hobby that brings people together while living an "AutoLife".

Ride: 1992 Civic EG6

Heart: SHADOW-BUILT LS VTEC using B18B bottom-end, B16 head. Stock Sleeves, 81mm bore. CP Forged Pistons, Eagle knife edged crank, Eagle H beam rods, ACL Duraglyde rod and main bearings, OEM Honda oil and water pump, Stage 3 Port n Polish, Buddy Club Valve springs, Buddy Club Retainers, Buddy Club Cam Gears, Buddy Club Valves, Stock GSR cams, all OEM Honda gaskets/seals ect., GATES Racing timing belt, Full-Race LS VTEC conversion kit, Skunk2 VTEC Solenoid, R-8 NGK plug wires, S2 Black Series intake manifold, S2 Black series 70mm TB, S2 Black Series Plug Cover, S2 Billet cam plug, S2 Vtec Solenid Cover, S2 Resevoir covers, S2 Low Pro Valve Cover washer kit

Fuel System:
AEM High-Flow Fuel Rail, AEM High-Flow Fuel Filter, AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator, Haltec 1000cc Injectors, Marshal Shock Proof Fuel press guage, all EARLS fittings and hoses.

Tranny; 98 Spec ITR, stock LSD,Competion Clutch stage 4, ACT Pro
Street Flywheel. Stock VatoZone axles FTW!!

Custom made tucked harness made built by Mike Davila, Hasport polished mounts, DOWNSTAR Engine/trans hardware kit.

Boost: Peak Boost Ram Horn Manifold, Custom 3' Down Pipe, Custom Wastegate dump tube,GT35r turbocharger, TiAL 44mm vBand Wastegate, HKS BOV, Bulls Eye Power Front mount intercooler, Pro Drag Chassis custom Intercooler Piping, Pro Drag Chassis custom Oil Catch Can (not installed in pics), Custom 3' exhaust from downpipe back to a Vibrant Polished muffler

Cooling: Honda OEM water pump, FAL slim fan, KOYO half size Radiator, Skunk 2 Radiator Cap

Suspension: CTR 5 lug conversion, JDM 16' gunmetal ITR wheels with Bridgestone Potenza tires, custom brake lines done by ZEH, Skunk2 Black Series Lug Nuts, Skunk2 Pro Plus front camber Kit
Skunk 2 Billet LCA's, Skunk2 LCA bolt and washer kit, Beaks Tie Bar, TEIN SS coilover kit

Inside: Red DC5 Recaros, Nardi Steering Wheel, Skunk2 Shift Knob, C's Short Shifter, AEM Boost Guage, AEM Wide Band, EG6 interior, Autometer Oil Press Guage

Looks: Shaved bay done by AP Customz, Fresh Suede Black paint done by AP Customz, Brake line tuck done by Mike Davila and friends ZEH, Color matched side-molding and wing done by Henry's Body Shop

BEATEN ON DAILY, all day ERRRRR Day!! 1/4 time 12.7 @ only 8 psi. (left hand shifting issues)

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