‘Bright Lights, Big City’

A trip to the city for the purpose of surfing is nigh on paradoxical.

The act of surfing is itself unfitting with the city. The impressiveness of a human being harnessing the nature and energy of a wave is somewhat overshadowed by the frontline of the city that stands so boldly, sixty-seven thousand kilowatts strong, just beyond the beach. The bright lights are blinding, the buildings are intimidating and humans are inferior.

Usually, that is…

This trip saw the city more welcoming and far more impressive than the ocean.

Sydney’s ‘Vivid’ – “a festival of light, music and ideas” was on, and the city was alive and masquerading as the lovechild of Lewis Carroll and Hunter S. Thompson.

Ruben and Gabe took the chance to explore and be immersed in the bright lights and the big city, while the ocean chose not to co-operate. They didn’t take the trip as failed because the surf was shit. They took the trip for it was and they found something to fascinate.

Concorde Boulevard.

- Isaac Roxburgh

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