Otsuka Pharmaceutical has been a Core Partner of TEDxTokyo for the past three years, supporting the community as it has expanded to share ideas worth spreading with an ever-wider audience both here in Japan, and worldwide.

TEDxTokyo inspires ideas that connect us to future generations, and does so from a venue overflowing with the sort of free-flowing creativity that Otsuka treasures. We have great expectations for TEDxTokyo specifically because this event makes it possible for Otsuka to connect with the youth-centered creativity and vitality that drives Japan.

When it came to planning our participation in TEDxTokyo 2012, Otsuka decided to collaborate with the TEDxTokyo team and take on the challenge of coming up with an entirely original means for sharing our company story.

The plan was ambitious: to create, from scratch, a hand-drawn animated film that expressed some of the key stories from Otsuka's history and business while demonstrating how our 'Big Venture Company' continues to press on with the challenge of making an innovative contribution to the health of people around the world.

Whilst typically a project of this complexity would take up to six months to produce, in this case the team had only 6 weeks. However, a continuous process of idea sharing between Otsuka and TEDxTokyo allowed the project progress at a previously unheard of pace. So please take a look at our film, the result of creative collaboration between Otsuka and TEDxTokyo.

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