The contest started late (as usual) but worked out perfect.
Out of the 6 heats only 10 made it from each catergory to the finals! From who 5 qualified for Finals in Sevilla, Spain.
The level in de 14 & under was shocking, specially the local kids who killed it…
In the 15 & over finals we weren’t sure whether it was the open division and the Open division…could have been the Damn Am finals with skaters like Robbin de Wit, Daan v/d Linden, Jonathan Tijs!
Tricks? Here are a couple: Daan v/d Linden: Fakie 5050 down the rail, bs 180 nosegrind revert on the flatbar, Jonathan Thijs: nollie flip nose manual on the wheelie pad to drop and sw fs blunt on the rail, Robbin de Wit: nollie flip noseslide down the flatbar, sw tre flip down the stairs and many more crazy tricks went down in Area 51 skatepark! Check out the video to see more of the madness that went down…
Thanks to all who made this 9th WITP happen: Area 51, Katz, Sus & Booner! Our Judges, Job v/d Linden, Bernard Geluk & Keith Wilson.
Our speaker Willem Birdies, Photographer ; Nicola Debernardi ( Filmer: Brian Leonard (
Special thanks to Jart & Independent for helping out with the goodies.
Last but least, thanks to all who showed up, hope to see you next year at our 10th WITP Anniversary!

Winners in each category are:

14 & UNDER

1. Pim Verheul
2. Gijs Mertens
3. Derren van Hulle
4. Bruno Abspoel
5. Toon Vermeulen

15 & OVER

1. Tjack Oosten
2. Sjoerd Vissers
3. Simon Duprez
4. Bjorn de Wachter
5. Jimmy Damen


1. Daan van der Linden
2. Jonathan Tijs
3. Robbin de Wit
4. Leon Wolters
5. Kristoff van der Straeten

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