U.Tile, an urban tile, utile for the smart street of the future.

A vision of how a small component, such as a street paver responsive to real time data, could be implemented in any infrastructure in order to dissolve the staticity and rigidness of streets, which are meant only for mobility when they could become space for public use when responsive to the city and user needs.

A question arises, with the technology we have today, and the upcoming inventions in mobility ( driverless cars) is it possible that streets as we know them now, would be no longer required? Is it possible to have a space that can constantly morph into what it´s needed?

Project developed by mexican architect María Elena Amescua as part of the Master in Adavanced Architecture at Institute of Advanced architecture of Catalunya IAAC, during the Emergent territories studio, under Maite Bravo´s and Willy Müller´s expertise, along with other external tutors such as Edouard Cabay, Alex Posada, Francisco Villeda and Nader Tehrani.

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