a day to stop traffick,
a week to raise awareness

From Atlanta to Berlin, Phoenix to Taipei, New York to New Delhi, trafficking is taking place all over the world, and across the U.S. It doesn’t just happen in shanty brothels in India or remote fields in Peru; it’s happening here, in your city. The cultural diversity and large population make it difficult to identify this subversive, underground trade, which is thriving in Chicago.

Want to do something about it? Join Traffick Free for a week that raises the awareness we need to end slavery in the city. It begins on May 16th with a city-wide Stop Traffick praxis project, turning theory into action. The week continues with new events each day, and finishes strong on the 21st with a benefit show/celebration. Come discuss and learn more about trafficking and how you can promote awareness, expose the injustice of modern-day slavery, and ignite change to end trafficking in Chicago.

Are you ready to Stop Traffick?


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