The organisation Filem'on for whom I've been working in Brussels, surprised a Flemish colleague and me with a project documentary-film.
The two of us gave workshops docu-film to a small group of Belgium children of a youth center.
Purpose was that the children would create a film themselves during their stay in Ghana this summer. In fact they are musicians and they have had exchanges with Ghana before.
(Centrum West & the Fanfakids, at Sankofa orphanage, Eguafo, Ghana.)
They added a movie to the project, and my colleague and I went to Ghana to produce and guide the making of this film.
The animations in the film are made by the local children in Eguafo, Ghana, during workshops film we gave to the Sankofa primary school.
Result is 'You are invited' which consists out of four parts.
The film is screened in Brussels at the festival Filem'on and in Mechelen at the festival Making Movies November 2011.

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