Production, Directed, Music, Lyrics, Effects by Jeramias Paquette
Filmed by Craig Taubert
Actors: Jacob Pio and JD

The build up known as the "$1,000,000 Music Video," is from the short film. When it's uploaded later, it will make some more sense.

I basically produced everything you see here within a small amount of time. The whole production took about a week of filming and a weekend of editing to finish a video for a final (made a B+). I feel I should mention this video is actually quite a bit of a joke, but the lyrics and the song, however, are not. We did have fun with effects, haha! (Wish I had more time...)

This was a part in a college short film I made to get a degree in Film Production. The production led up to this music video. So to explain it briefly, you are witnessing the climax of the film basically. Soon, I shall upload the whole film or in a couple parts.

Expect it within months time.

I don't have the hair anymore.

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