This is my contribution to a piece of bonkers promo called "Daytrip." You can see it/read more about it here:

The project involved 11 directors making 11 promos all one after the other and all on one day!

It worked out as 2 hours each to shoot a promo and a day each to cut it! The whole thing was David Rowell's idea. Not mine. Definitely not mine.

There were rules too. All directors had to include a clock that showed the actual time at which the promo was shot and all directors had to use as their first shot the previous director's end shot. So the finished film functions a bit like a relay.

Unfortunately there's lots of stuff that I didn't have time to get quite right on this but I'll spare you the full whinge because the project was really good fun to be part of.

And ain't that what it's all about.... hmmm?

[The guy at the end, in the red hat, is Killa Kella. Whoop whoop].

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