This is the trailer for our 2012 Supinfocom Arles graduation film, The Gathering Dusk.
Set in Jamaica, in 1935, it is a story of personal and national emancipation, and the imminent downfall of colonial rule.

Directed by: Amy Brutton, Yann Drevon, Audric Escales, Wiliam Ohanessian, Raphael Tillie.

Amy Brutton : Direction, Organic design, Modeling, rendering, and cloth simulation

Yann Drevon : FX Co-director, Compositing, Scripting, Simulation, Musical Supervisor.

Audric Escales : Direction, rigging, animation, compositing

Wiliam Ohanessian : Set modelling, texturing, rendering, lighting, compositing

Raphael Tillie : FX Co-director, Jungle & Environment Design and Rendering, Simulation

Drums: K-Roots

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