Update 3: Spoke with his boss - who already knew I was cycling despite not mentioning it in my original e-mail (hmm), so I suspect she already saw the video before speaking to me - took complaint seriously and is being investigated. Pretty happy with the response. Quick and professionally dealt with. Hopefully the driver will be a bit more careful around cyclists next time, and that fingers-crossed a potential accident has been avoided in the future.

I've since had a message from someone else saying they also reported it to them, so that explains why she may have already seen the video. As I hadn't mentioned it in my original e-mail, nor that I was even cycling.


Well, this has got to be one of the worst passes ever.

I take a strong position through the junction so I am more visible, centre of the straight on lane, once through. I ignore the cycle lane on this stretch of road, its too narrow and the surface is really bad, not that the road is much better. I also need to make myself visible to drivers behind as there's a pinch point coming up where the cycle lane just dumps you under the wheels of vehicles behind you. With the heavy wind lately its full of branches and junk anyway.

The Highway Code makes it clear cycle lanes are not compulsary. I normally do between 25-28 mph along this stretch of road, (sometimes in primary before the pinch point, wind direction permitting) before the slight climb to the traffic lights, far too fast to be riding any closer to the kerb, I'm over as far as I feel safe to be over, the normal lane is fairly wide and I normally don't have much issue with how drivers overtake along here.

I move into the cycle lane at the top of the hill as I've slowed down to about 15 mph, and the surface is silky smooth, so I normally happily let a few cars get past me before the lights, although most of the time I have to get back out because I usually want the right-hand lane and there's often cars parked in the cycle lane (on double yellows).

I'm not sure what the driver was thinking, was it a punishment pass? "Get in the cycle lane" or was he just not paying attention? He obviously knew I was there, in the queue with me, and through the junction with me. In addition to my 3 watt rear light which was flashing. There was no oncoming traffic, and no excuse for this sub-standard and frankly dangerous driving.

Update: Contacted Asda to see if they can point me in the direction of his store, since there isn't one local to Horsham.

More details about this particular cycle lane can be found here: aseasyasridingabike.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/horsham-cycle-routes-route-2-north-parade/

Update 2: I've since measured the cycle lane along here. The two points I measured varied between 80-85cm, a little over 2.5 feet. That lane is almost half of what the DfT describe as their "absolute minimum", and far less than the 2 metres for their "preferred minimum". Considering this is a busy major route to north Horsham, it should be a 2 metre lane minimum as the DfT suggests. Ergo if it was the proper size where I'm cycling now would put me in the middle of it.

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