Al-Mayadeen is a Pan- Arab news TV channel established to meet the need of objective, reliable and investigative journalism within the Arab region, that has arisen alongside the "Arab Spring".

Beginning with the branding phase, we designed several logo styles for the Al-Mayadeen management, working alongside contemporary Arab designers and calligraphy masters from all over the world.

Al-Mayadeen means “City Squares” in Arabic. As we all know, the Arab Spring started when revolutions began in the Arab World with people setting themselves on fire at the city squares for freedom.

In pursuit of freedom, social justice, freedom of speech and equality, the channel was ready to begin a revolution in the Arab media too. Yet, it was essential that their self-identity was preserved in the process.

The management adopted a calligraphic style to represent this self-image and the logo we came up with symbolizes a glowing firebrand in the hands of a revolutionist. The futuristic emblem which represents moving forward may also be interpreted as “City Squares” thanks to the outstanding art of Arabic calligraphy.

After the logo stage, it was time to establish the visual and audio identity.

This time, we opted for a more contemporary, cleaner graphic design reflecting the Arab Spring and evolution in a more symbolic style.
The designs and production were created in Full HD.

What we did:

Visual Concept and Strategy for the Channel
Corporate Branding Package
Creative Direction
Project Management
Emblem and Logo
Promotional Formats
Channel Bumpers
News and Sports Package
Weather Forecast Package
Real Time Graphics Package
Real Time Graphics Programming


Client: Al-Mayadeen - Beirut

Executive Producer: Salim Cagrı Oztoksoy
Producer: Hilal Aktas
Creative Directors: Salim Cagrı Oztoksoy, Alvaro Rego
Music: Jingle House

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