How are ideas about Nature evoked, and engendered through uses of technology? Close to Nature is based on nine 30 sec. clips in an iterative sequence. The first clip of a woody landscape was recorded outside of Taivalkoski, Finland using an Intenso Viddy, a cheap Video Messenger. The shaky lo-res clip was transferred from the Viddy to a laptop. When played on the laptop the screen was filmed with the Viddy, creating the second clip and another iteration of the primary filmed sequence. The process was repeated until there were 9 clips evoking the landscape. Each of the nine iterations brings the viewer closer to the scenery, while the image also become more distorted and noisy.

The Viddy is marketed as a fridge magnet with possibilities to record and play messages. It’s poor audio-visual qualities and shortcomings are used to evoke the character of the work. Each iteration of the initial clip induces a closer image, but also more abstraction. By using a cheap consumer electronic device, and no video editing of the clips, an appreciation of imperfection is stressed.

The film does not have any sound.

Close to Nature is supplemented by the essay " In and Out of Focus -The Cultural Dynamics of Mediation and Landscape" that was presented at The Helsinki Photomedia Conference, March 28-30 2012.

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