I was asked to direct this film with the legendary Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of Final Fantasy).
He came in Paris to supervise the creation of the trailer of his new game "Last Story".
This video is a kind of making-of or a summary of the processing which is separate in 2 parts.

First, Hironobu Sakaguchi tells to the trailer's supervisor which elements are importants and he wants to see in the trailer.
And in the second part, we see the master works with the crew, editor and sound engineer and validate the game trailer.

To finish, we see the result...the entire trailer directed by by Hironobu Sakaguchi himself !

Production Company : Orange Image.
Client : Nintendo

Director : Florent Igla
Writor, Supervisor and game footage : George Jay Grouard
DOP : Vincent Vieillard Baron
Camera : Vincent Vieillard Baron & Florent Igla
Sound Engineer : Guillaume Gallois
Editor : Mael & Julien Cortial
Color Grader : Arthur Paux

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