WDKa videos for "Where?", a song from the album VoizNoiz - Urban Sound Scapes, by Banabila.

"Where?" is a song that evokes transience, melancholy memories, and open questions. Recorded in 1999, it appeared on Michel Banabila's highly acclaimed album VoizNoiz. The main melody is assembled using a variety of voice samples: existing and non-existing words, speech and song, adult and children's voices, from Italy, India, France, The US, and the Netherlands. The voices are carried by a deliberately simple sub-bass layer, while acoustic guitar samples, vinyl scratches, and street sounds provide additional texture.

"I was impressed by the interpretations of this song by the WDKa students, and surprised by the diversity of their approaches. I'm glad to see that the song is still evocative, 13 years after its first release."

Michel Banabila, Rotterdam, June 2012.

Project leader : Koert Davidse.

1999 © Steamin' Songs Publishing.
Music recorded, composed & produced by Michel Banabila.
(Released by Steamin' Soundworks / Pork Recordings / Tonecasualties).

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