Having begun broadcasting during 1993-94, ATV has used the same 2D logo for almost 10 years. To celebrate their anniversary, we designed a new, simple yet functional 3D emblem inspired by their 2D logo.

The main idea was to fit all programs, series, news and sports into one cube. We wanted this cube to be in a flexible form that could be passed from hand to hand, sat on and entered into. A type of magical box full of surprises, revealing a different content each time you open and look into it.

The broadcast logo was one of the first worldwide which interacted with the content and moved from its position during the commercial breaks.
It received the Golden Award in BDA Arabia.

What We Did

Visual Concept and Strategy for the Channel
Corporate Branding Package
Creative Direction
Project Management
Promotional Formats
Channel Bumpers
News and Sports Package
Weather Forecast Package
Broadcast Graphics Package


Client: Ciner Broadcasting Group - Istanbul


Executive Producer: Salim Cagrı Oztoksoy
Creative Directors: Salim Cagrı Oztoksoy, Alvaro Rego

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