Here's the final ship project, as mentioned in this previous video:
Made entirely to test RealFlow's Grid, Splash and Foam features and Final Render's Ocean shader.

Unfortunately, due to a problem (bug?user error?) in RealFlow, the Splashes show erratic pops and changes six times throughout the sequence. Since i noticed this after all the simulation was done, i didn't want to spend another 50-70 hours to re-simulate for a possible fix, so i left the Splashes as they were. I partially fixed them using the Retimer feature in RealFlow, but still the difference is quite noticeable. I'll make sure this won't happen in the next similar RealFlow project though...

The key elements for this project are the Splashes and the Ocean itself. Don't pay much attention to the ship and human models. They are free models and they were used at their default state, cause they were supposed to be simple "placeholders" for this project to run and not the "hero" elements.

As always, prefer the Download version for better quality...

Here are some statistics from this project:

-Shot duration: 650 frames sequence
-RealFlow simulation duration: 600 frames sequence

-Simulation World Size: Real world 1:1 scale, 25 frames per second
-Total RealFlow data on disk: 1.378 Tera Bytes

-Total Simulation time: 192 hours (8 days)
-Simulation specs: i7-980@4GHz, 24GB RAM, 12 threads

-Total Rendering time: 120 hours (5 days)
-Rendering specs: 4 workstations (1xi7-980@4GHz, 3x2600K@4.4GHz, 36 threads total)

1. Grid Domain: 21h sim time, 571GB on disk (23.8 million particles)
2. RealWave Displacement Test: 20m sim time, 7GB on disk (at 2K resolution)
3. Displacement Map: 40m sim time, 19GB on disk (at 2K resolution) - Not used
4. Domain Surface Data: 42h sim time, 343GB on disk (Surface, Velocity Field, Displacement Fast and Precise)
5. Splash: 46h sim time, 111GB on disk (2.2 million particles at peak, 800 million particles emitted)
6. Foam: 5h sim time, 170GB on disk (3 million particles at peak, 20 million particles emitted)
7. Ocean Grid Mesh: 11h mesh time, 4.1GB on disk (230K polygons, base non-displaced "cage" mesh per frame) - Not used
8. Splash+Foam RKit Mesh: 25h mesh time, 50GB on disk, (2-3 million polygons average per frame) - Not used
9. Splash+Foam Frost Mesh: 41h mesh time, 40GB on disk, (2-3 million polygons average per frame)

3D platform: 3ds Max
Fluid Simulations: RealFlow
Baked object sequences: XMesh
Ocean and Fluids Renderer: Final Render
Particles Renderer: Krakatoa
Backgrounds, Ship and Human Renderer: VRay
Smoke Sim and Renderer: FumeFX and VRay
Compositing: Fusion
Grading: After Effects
Editing: Premiere

Ship Object: Free from:
Human Object: Metropoly 2 demo from:
Music: Coming Home From The Sea (The Perfect Storm Soundtrack)

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