Was Amsterdam The New Jerusalem? On the Fragility of the Community and The Question of Tolerance, Then and Now
A panel moderated by Jane Eisner
With Yaacob Dweck, Marc Saperstein and Daniel Schwartz

In conjunction with the Theater J remount of David Ive's NEW JERUSALEM: THE INTERROGATION OF BARUCH DE SPINOZA a dynamic day-long Spinozium (Spinoza Symposium) was developed where we brought scholars in from across the country to reargue the merits and relative injustice of the fate meted out against Spinoza by the Jewish community. Find out more at washingtondcjcc.org/center-for-arts/theater-j/on-stage/11-12-season/new-jerusalem/new-jerusalem-beyond-the.html

Production of the videos made possible by a generous grant from The Posen Foundation

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