Are you more likely to die on your birthday?

People yes it seems, what about products or companies? In the last few months Blackberry and Nokia have moved catastrophically close to perishing. The new Windows OS8 will not work on the new Nokia Lumia driving the major new product launch and savior for Nokia apparently into a dead end.

Blackberry is cutting staff in an effort to stave off its collapse. It doesn’t look like the Canadian government will step in. The new Blackberry 10 operating system isn’t due to be released until early next year – such optimism.

Meanwhile the cold dead hands of Steve Jobs are reaching out and, with the help of a New York judge, and gripping Samsung firmly by the throat. Are they going to strangle the life out of the Galaxy Nexus?

A warranty for a lifetime ain’t what it used to be is it

Paul Fordyce
Pmf Legal. Lawyers. Sydney Australia. 1 July 2012.

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