So I made, my first ever, HDK tool. It's not inlineCPP. Just pure C++.

Actually i lied. :).

There is a little Python there, but it just manages frontend - that means - viewport selection. Beside it, everything else is HDK.

So what it does ? Creates polygons ! :).

Around 2 years ago I made small tool that can aid modeling in Houdini. For creating polygons in Houdini, we got PolyKnit and PolyCap SOP's. Each have some pluses and minuses. None of it was good for free and fast creation of polygons. PolyKnit works with points. No edges. PolyCap can be used only for closing holes so you can't make polygon between two edges. Here enters my tool. It can Cap holes, merge user selected edges and use loops. And you can mix edge and point selections. At that time I didn't knew C++ or HDK yet, so I made this tool with Python. Now, 2 years later, I was finally ready to move myself to the next level and remake it with C++ in HDK..

On this video you can see this tool in action. And if you stop video, you can even inspect the code behind this tool too. I also show you CreatePolygon operator TypeProperties menu where you can see that no scripts are used to make it work. It's compiled operator.

Source Code:
Coming Soon!

You may want to test also Digital Asset version:

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