UniSIM "MTD 301 Audio and Video Production Techniques, End of Course Assignment (ECA)"
Theme: A documentary on a thriving family business

”FOURplus1”Team mates:
1. Koh Tuck Meng
2. Liew Sing For
3. Ng Yi Jie
4. Yin Yin Thein
5. Toh Choong Hohn

My specific role/function/contribution without any of my team member’s help

1. Assumed the role of Director
Direct the angle of shots, decide the flow of the whole video. Deciding the sequence/flow, the transition used and font’s style to be use in the video. Create “thriller” and the ending of the video
2. Video editing
Does most of the editing of the video like placement of video captured, the transition, subtitle on the interview, the Music and trim to fit the whole video. Final Cutting of video to be exact 6:30 mins
3. Filming
The interview of Lee Choon Kuay, Lee Kwee Meng. The coffin and van scene for the thriller, the lantern on the ceiling scene and the aunty working scene. Lastly, Lee Kwee Meng opening shop scene
4. Others
a. All still photos are capture by my DSLR and enhanced by Adobe Lightroom.
b. Enhancement of the volume of the interview of Lee Choon Kuay (Low level volume)
c. Done all the video capturing from camera to computer
d. Done the first cut of the not-usable captured video
e. Labeling the video for easy reference during editing
f. Choosing of music from the source given by Koh Tuck Meng with suggestion from Ng Yi Jie

My efforts performed together with other team members

#1. Initiated (chose the topic), coordinated (eg on filming dates), supervised production, managed time & manpower, with team members’ cooperation.

#2. Checked out the production equipment on Friday 15/10/10 with team member Koh
Tuck Meng.

#3. Put into final form the interview questions. (Team member Liew Sing For
originated the questions).

#4. Assembled and disassembled the production equipment on Sunday 17/10/10 with
team member Thein Yin Yin.
Operated the microphone/boom with team member Thein Yin Yin.

#5. Assisted team member Ng Yi Jie in the interview of family member Jackie Lee Tat
Khuay on Saturday 23/10/10 with team member Thein Yin Yin (using audio equipment)
Also disassembled the production equipment with team member Thein Yin Yin.

#6. Participated in discussing the project format on Tuesday 26/10/10 with team members Liew Sing For and Ng Yi Jie.

#7. Participated in finalising the project on Sunday 31/10/10 with team members Koh
Tuck Meng, Liew Sing For, Ng Yi Jie and Thein Yin Yin.
Refined the English subtitles with Liew Sing For. (Written by Koh Tuck Meng.)

Name: Liew Sing For
Date of Submission: 4 Nov 2010.

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