The goal for me this entire month was to travel around Germany as much as I could. Lack of money didn't allow me to do that. If there was one place in Germany I really want to visit before leaving it was Berlin. Thomas knew this and forced me, well... strongly encouraged me to visit Berlin while he was out-of-town. Today, I took a train to the largest German city in the country with nothing but my backpack.

With only two days to explore the city at my disposable, my to-do list really only included the major attractions. I really had no idea where any of the places on my list were so when I arrived in Berlin I relied heavily on a map and guide book that was included with something called a Berlin WelcomeCard. The card, which I had to pay for, got me discounts at all of the places on my to-do list as well as unlimited rides on the entire public transportation system for the two days I was in the city.

Today, some of the places my travels took me to included...

1. The Olympiastadion– I shot this from the bell tower that overlooks the Olympic stadium after doing an audio tour of the place. It was really kind of surreal walking around a place filled with such history. You can see the Berliner Fernsehturm in the distance.
2. The Berliner Fernsehturm– I've always been fascinated by the various tv towers around Germany so this one in Berlin is no different. Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by the opportunity to go to the top. I was way too expensive, the wait was way too long, and there was way too many people. The view was without question pretty great (like this view looking down at the Berliner Dom, Brandenburger Tor, and beyond) but the overall experience was a disappointment.
3. The Brandenburger Tor– This bad boy snuck up on me! I was walking aimlessly down Unter den Linden, drinking a Fritz, and trying to cool off a bit while sweating like a crazy person and the gate just sort of appeared before me. It'll probably sound weird saying this but it didn't look as large as I imagined it being but it felt larger than I thought it would.
4. The Berliner Dom– This place blew me away. There was just something about its colours and its massive size that really surprised me. While I didn't actually go inside, I did spend lots of time sitting outside of it admiring its epicness.
5. The Berliner Fernsehturm– I ended up here after my attempt to grab a beer and sit by the water near Berlin Hauptbahnhof (a unique station, by the way) failed. I still like this tower even if my experience with it earlier wasn't all that great. After sitting and admiring for a while, I walked a few hundred km's or so to my really neat hotel (aasyHotel Berlin) room to rest up for tomorrow.

♫ Apparat - 'Song of Los'

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